Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Me: Ok, so you're going to live with your grandpa...what are you going to do then?
Student: I'm going to sleep with him?
Me: Ummm
Student: No no no, I mean I'm going to do him!
Me: Uhhhh
Student: I mean...I don't know how to say the English.
Me: HAHAHA it's ok good try :)
Me: Try asking me any question in English!

Student: Are you a lesbian?

Me: AH! umm, nooo....><

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Student: Ms. Yu...if your father live in Canada, and your Mother also live in Canada, why are your eyes not BLUE??

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

(Lights are going dim for rehearsal)

Student: Ms. Yu...your face look like the dark chocolate in the dark!

Me: Riiigghhhttt
Student: Do you know who is high Ms. Yu?

Me: Um, he..he..I dunno who?

Student: Me, look how HIGH I am, I'm sooooo HIGH!

Me: he..he...high...he...he

Student: You see, I'm more high that Sally...I'm so high.

Me: OOHHH you mean TALLER? LOL
Student: Ms. Yu your ass is very big.


Student: Yes, your ASS is very BIG!

Me: Sad face

Student: You see (pointing to my EYES) your ass is very big!

Me: OOHHH...hahahaha